Thursday, 25 October 2018

A Genuine Fake - Chapter One

A Genuine Fake | Fiction: Thriller / Suspense
by Fred Maddox

Tracy was oblivious to the dozen or so people gathered around the frozen earth of the graveside. Or of Father James’ words as he conducted the burial service, his voice nothing more than a faraway drone. She stared vacantly at the solitary old oak tree, just beyond the moss covered dry stone wall which marked the ancient churchyard’s boundary. Its thick, gnarled trunk, scarred from the scores of lovers carving their undying love for each other into its weather beaten bark, giving testament to its decades of claiming that lone position as its own. Its bare misshapen branches creaked and groaned as the chilling north east wind whistled through them. What tales this mighty oak could tell, of the many christenings and weddings and funerals it had witnessed, and indeed, it would be more than likely this magnificent tree had witnessed all three services for the same person.
Many times as a child, Tracy and her friends had taken a picnic basket, lovingly prepared by her mother, and played under this very tree. She had a picture in her mind’s eye, of them laughing and chasing each other around its enormous girth. Her childhood had been a happy one. She had been the only child, and hopes of a brother or sister were cruelly dashed, when her mother had been killed in a car accident  some years ago.  She had been a wonderful caring mother, and it was some time before she and her father got over her untimely death. She suspected her father had never fully recovered from that sad day, and had admired the way he had seen to her every need, whilst trying to run his antique business...

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