Friday, 24 November 2017

Forbidden - Prologue

Forbidden | Fiction / Historical
by Victoria Hinton

A click! It echoed loudly through the dark corridor of the great house. Her door was locked once again; for how long, no one knew. This time it was worse. Her husband’s rage had terrified every living soul in that house. Their small son sat under his bed, his hands over his ears, but it didn’t block out his father’s shouting or the sound of his fists hitting his mother. To this child, however, what he heard and sometimes saw was normal. His father had told him over and over his mother deserved it; surely what he had done was justified.
This time Mrs Geraldine Lockland had been with child. Six months into her pregnancy. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the child was now lost. When she had carried her first child, her son, Jonathan, Mr Albert Lockland had not laid a hand upon his wife. Those nine months were the longest Geraldine had ever gone without being beaten. Everyone prayed and hoped it would be the same this time, with her second pregnancy. She had been looking so well, the child was growing strong inside her and Albert had, up until that night, left his wife alone.

No one knew what it was that made him snap or where the rage came from. He was a drinker, a gambler. Of course, being a Lockland, this was all secret. No one outside of those walls knew the truth about Albert. To everyone he was a great gentleman; a proud example to his family name. No one knew of his temper, of his addictions, his obsessive and controlling behaviour. His wife was simply a sickly woman. She had been loved throughout society yet she had become a sickly lady once she was married. People believed she had always suffered from illnesses but her family had covered it up in order for her to secure a husband. No one knew she was lying in bed covered in bruising. No one knew she would have been a healthy, happy lady if her husband had let her be.

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