Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chasin’ That Carrot - Chapter 1

Chasin’ That Carrot | Fiction
by Avril Dalziel Saunders

It was the evening of Saturday 11th October 1969, Linda, closed her eyes and took a deep breath; she felt secure as her new husband James stood behind her and wrapped his strong arms round her. He took the big knife, placed it in her right hand and firmly wrapped his hand over hers then to loud claps and cheers from family and guests, they cut the top tier of their wedding cake. She was brimming over with happiness as she turned her head to look up at James; she thought how tall and handsome he looked with his dark wavy hair and wide smile. It was strange to think that she was no longer a MacGregor but she was proud to be the wife of James Alexander.
The small wedding celebration at her parents’, Douglas and Margie MacGregor’s house, was going well and being enjoyed by all. Much to the relief of all concerned, James’ psycho sister, Iris, didn’t attend, which meant that the atmosphere was normal and relaxed. The drinks were flowing; there was lots of laughter with no worry of it turning into a typical ‘Iris style’ drunken punch-up.
Around ten o’clock, James and Linda decided to make their excuses to leave the party and drive over to their new marital love nest. They ran up the lane towards their wee maroon Ford Anglia with everyone in hot pursuit and were relieved to see that their guests hadn’t decorated it with toilet rolls or painted the windows with slogans. They jumped into the car quickly. Linda rolled down her window to shout goodbye to her guests and before anyone had second thoughts or had the chance to add anything to the car, James started up the engine. As they were about to pull away, Linda heard the cry of ‘Linda, Linda’ being called out over all the shrieks of laughter, she looked through all the faces and could see her mum, Margie, standing looking very alone and emotional in the crowd. With all the excitement Linda had forgot one very important thing, she shouted to James to stop…

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