Friday, 26 May 2017

In the blink of an eye | Playing Havoc

Playing Havoc | Fiction: Thriller / Suspense
by Steve Morris

Thursday 19:00 hours

“Oi! Giles!”
It was old Trevor’s voice shouting me again from the top of our steep little road of seven houses. I turned around.
“Giles! Summat’s come down! Up ‘ere,” he beckoned, “The lad in the next street’s just got back home. He reckons a plane’s come down!”
I met him halfway up the bank. Trevor was desperate to tell everyone in our road. Not used to moving so quickly he was almost out of breath. A pinch of salt was often needed here. Both he and his mate were eccentrics if I was to describe them politely. I was never going to take either of them seriously.
“A plane, Trev? Where?”
“A proper big ‘un. Smack into the cliff. That’s what all that smoke is,” he gasped nodding out towards the sea.
Trevor stuttered as he raced to get his words out quickly enough as he panted, “Jumbo or summat, right at the bottom of the east cliff! Flaming debris everywhere. No rescue in site though from what the lad could see. He’s headed off back there to help.”
“Rubbish,” I thought.
“Give over! We’d ‘ve heard something about it!” I replied not accepting any of this. Apart from those Chinook helicopters flying low overhead earlier, and some flocks of birds, I’d not heard a peep and was more interested in my dinner.
As I turned away, a guy standing across the road, who was over from the mainland, had his van’s bonnet up running jump leads from someone’s car. Hearing the conversation, he crossed over and joined in. Apparently, he’d been working on a neighbour’s plumbing all that day and had also been watching proceedings from the top of our hill.
He introduced himself having heard the same rumour.
“I was just thinking the same thing. If there’s been a crash, we’d have seen emergency services arrive or at least heard them even from inside the house. I did hear this bang an hour or so ago, then I saw all that smoke over there. I should be on me way home by now, but I can’t start the chuffing van. I’m stuck here until I can get the van jump-started but your other neighbour’s car battery is flat as well. And why’s my radio not working? Does anyone know what’s causing that? The six o’clock news would tell us all what’s causing all that smoke for certain.”
I didn’t wait to speculate further and perhaps a little rudely, I shot off quickly home thumping upstairs without removing my shoes to dig out a telescope so as to settle the matter. I knew that a one-time passing fad in astronomy would come in useful one day. The device was soon found and pointed towards the smoke.
I saw much more.

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