Monday, 26 December 2016

Two Little Dicky Birds - Wednesday 7th April 1976

Two Little Dicky Birds | FICTION/Crime Detective
by Neal James

It had been over five months since the police had found the body in Leicester, and the trail seemed to have run cold. He had kept up to date with all of the newspaper and other reports surrounding the killing, but with the passage of time they were drying up. It had been a topic of conversation down at the pub and at work, but he had taken extreme care to avoid becoming involved in any discussions on the subject, and when pressed had always made some non-committal remark on the topic of policing.
He was, however, becoming agitated and anxious for the next step in his ‘campaign’. It certainly seemed that the time was right for another expedition, but on this occasion he would need to be more careful after a near miss with witnesses in the East Midlands. There was an opportunity coming up in Birmingham next week, and it would be a shame to miss out now that all the signs were set fair. Perhaps a trip up there to reconnoitre the area would be a good idea, and looking at his shift rota he wasn’t due on again at the weekend for another month.