Friday, 12 June 2015

Never Mind Where the Ball Went

Never Mind Where the Ball Went and Other Golf Stories | Hobbies / True Short Stories
by Forbes Abercrombie

Lessons are fun. It is always pleasant to enjoy the undivided attention of a professional for half an hour or so and there is the pleasure of doing what one is told and hitting the ball better for it.  But it is an intimidating moment when you go to a new pro for teaching.  You are required to demonstrate for critical review your swing to a person who is by definition much more of an expert at it than yourself.  The pro knows this and seeks to put you at ease.
“Have a practice swing or two and then play a shot with your favourite club, a 4-wood or a 7-iron perhaps.”
Unless he is very careful there is a faintly patronising air. One of two things will happen; infrequently the shot is perfect, rifling down the practice ground and falling lifeless by the target. This rather irritates the pro who cannot think why this super golfer is coming for help he plainly doesn’t need. The pro bustles forward.
“Never mind where the ball went; there are quite a few swing errors to correct.”
More often the ball squirts off a miserable distance towards midwicket. The pro is moved to sympathy for the perpetrator of such a ghastly effort.  He bustles forward.
“Never mind where the ball went; it is basically a good sound swing.”