Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Small things in life

Poems and Rhymes for all Times | POETRY
by Natalie Mason

Small things in life; stop and think of the small things!
Sight, hearing, sense of smell, to have what each sense brings
Arms, legs, you have all of your limbs,
See, hear, smell and touch, enjoy daylight until it dims

Feel the sunshine as you walk through a park,
Watch the moon and stars in a sky so dark
Watching loved ones, see children growing up around you each day,
Enjoy colour, all surroundings, using your eyes to find your way

Blue sky, sunshine, a white fluffy cloud,
Birds singing, hearing noises, quiet and loud

Fluffy clouds can resemble objects as they take shape,
Moving through a bright blue sky as you drift off, letting thoughts escape

Hear the joy as children play,
Listen to rain, watch trees sway
Blossom covers grass like a sheet,
The small things, you can feel complete

Feel sand under your feet; listen to the whoosh of the sea,
The smell of cut grass, as you take shade under a tree
Put Wellingtons on, splash in puddles,
Feel clean and relaxed, bathe with bubbles

Joy from music, hymns, pop or rock,
The sound of nothing, sudden deafness would be a shock!
Nice food and drink, cream cakes with cups of tea,
Prefer a can of beer, with your choice of curry
Small things in life, a smile or a hello,
A small thing you do can have a big impact you know!