Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Serendipity - The Camel’s Story

Serendipity – A miscellany of short stories | Fiction: Short Stories
by John Butler

Reincarnation! Surely, that was for Buddhists or Sikhs, or stupid women who think they might have been Cleopatra once. Not so, apparently! One minute I had been a man, then the heart-attack and now I was being considered for reincarnation. I was hopeful. Maybe I’d be sent back to earth as someone young, rich and handsome or a pop-star or a footballer. What the heck! I’d even settle for back as me…
“Stttttttttt,” the Thatcher look-alike, hissed out of the screen. She explained the system to me.
“All creatures move up or down in their next life according to how good or bad they have been.”
“Up or down?”
“Well for example, ‘down’ for a man would be a next life as one of the larger quadrupeds, say an antelope, bison, gazelle…that kind of thing.”
“I can see that but surely man is at the very pinnacle of the animal kingdom so I don’t quite see the other alternative. What is up? What could he possibly become that is better than being a man?”
“A WOMAN! you idiot!” She glared then continued … “