Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wishing Book: Prologue - PLANET MARS 1999

Wishing Book | Children
by Grahame Howard

Zezmatas was feeling happy with himself as he was transported to Planet Earth. He was well thought of by Zelmut, the Chief and Highness of the Martians on Planet Mars. He had been specially selected and trained to go on a mission to Planet Earth to locate and retrieve the little red wishing book which at the moment was known to be in the hands of the Armaz family on the Island of Tenerife in The Canary Islands.
It had come to the attention of Zelmut that this book had the power to grant wishes to whoever was holding the book. It had been given to a member of the Armaz family, word by word in a dream and his family had been given great wealth.
Zelmut had learned about this from the Leoxostone, a volcanic gemstone in his kingdom, and he wanted the book so that he could fulfil his dream and rule over the whole universe. The Leoxostone had revealed that the book was in the hands of the Armaz family in Los Christianos, in South Tenerife. It was probably at their home but he could not be sure of this.
It was Zezmatas’ mission to find this book and bring it to Zelmut who would then greatly reward him.
Zezmatas had spent a few weeks observing the vast villa where the Armaz family lived. He didn’t want to make any mistakes by rushing things. He had tracked the family to the villa and all he had to do now, was find the book. He could then return home in a blaze of glory.
It was a very warm night as Zezmatas crept round the side of the villa. To anyone who saw him, he looked like a normal Tenerifian. He was heavily suntanned, dressed in a T shirt and shorts and could easily been mistaken for a local. However, he had thought that coming to the villa at night, he would stand a better chance of finding the book, undetected.
Before Zezmatas had left Planet Mars, he had been allowed to stroke the beloved Leoxostone. This experience would help him to overcome difficult situations, like was presented now – a locked window.
Zezmatas stroked the area of the window where the handle was located on the inside. Instantly, the handle melted and he managed to pull it open without any particular problem. This activated the Leoxostone back on Planet Mars and gave it the power to instantly detect and deactivate any burglar alarm or any other system that was installed within the house.