Thursday, 8 January 2015

Many a revolution has been borne on the wings of a book

Reading can Transform your Life

Paul left school with absolutely no qualifications, he was in and out of prison like a yo-yo. He was basically going no where fast, his life was pointless—like a broken pencil. The future looked bleak. The last time Paul was in prison he was given a job helping in the prison library. Surrounded by books he reckoned this might be his chance to improve his life and his reading. He began gradually; reading adventure books. At first reading was simply a means of escape to places far beyond the four walls of his miserable  prison surroundings, but before long he couldn't get enough of those books, the stories gave him so much hope and a sense of encouragement. This was really his first step to breaking out of the cycle of going in and out of prison. When he got out of prison he did several menial jobs, then he started his own business, got married, went to college, studied for a degree and later became a published author of a series of children’s books which are popular in schools. It was a long and difficult road for Paul Lloyd but the turning point came for him when he began to read in that prison library many years ago.