Thursday, 1 January 2015

Forbidden | Historical Fiction

by Victoria Hinton

The cool water rippled out towards the edge of the lake and rolled gently on to the sides. Duncan looked up as he finished tying the laces on his boots. Someone else was in the woods with him, swimming in the moonlight. He moved quietly along the bank, staying hidden within the trees as he looked out into the waters.
The lake was nestled in a small clearing in the woods and the full moon shone brightly down casting a silver light onto the waters. Duncan held his breath as he saw a female figure swimming naked. He knew he should not be watching, but being a nineteen-year-old man he found it impossible to look away.
Suddenly the young lady stood up in the water, revealing her body down to her waist. Duncan swallowed hard as he looked at her round, firm breasts, the nipples covered by the thick, dark hair which hung over her shoulders. He felt himself becoming deeply aroused as he traced her slim waistline, the curves of her breasts and up her slender neck to her face. There his eyes stopped, froze. She was beautiful but he had known that for a long time now.
He held the image of her naked body in his head and closed his eyes. He pictured himself sliding in to the water next to her and pressing his own naked body against hers, feeling her hot, wet skin on his and her round firm breasts pressing against his chest. Then he would take his hand and trace his finger along her deep pink lips. He imagined her cheeks would glow redder than they naturally were at his touch. And, although he could not see them in the moonlight, he knew her emerald green eyes would sparkle. Eyes as beautiful as hers should always be sparkling. He opened his own eyes to take one last look at the parts of her he had never seen before, probably never would again, but had imagined many times.

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