Saturday, 27 December 2014

“The Remainder”

In All Probability: A Collection of Short Stories | Fiction: Stories Stories
by Steve Morris

“I had always wanted to run my own company. I had always wanted a big successful company. And we couldn’t get much bigger that Holden Securities now could we?”
I smiled as I interviewed this young hotshot developer. I liked him. He was sharp, logical and keen with just a little bit of mischief about him. His background was in programming, much like my own.  He understood raw code just like myself.  I was going to give him a job but he would have to work harder in the interview. I like to see them under a little pressure to see what they are made of. I decided to make him sweat for a while I bragged a little more about my company’s achievements.
“I don’t even know how much we are worth at the moment. The company is worth millions.  Heaven knows what the next accounts will say.  Pretty much everyone is using Holden Securities’ software at the moment.”
That was no exaggeration.
“I’m going to sell it soon and retire.”
This last thought I said to myself.
“Welcome on board Warren,” I said to him finally after his prolonged grilling. He had done well. He would be a good employee.  I liked this kid.

It all began about thirty years ago.  Straight from college I got a job with one of the high street banks and started to work in their credit card department. The job was easy for me and I had time on my hands, so I had the opportunity to observe our customers’ lives. I learned a lot about their spending habits.
Do you know how many people get charged interest on their credit cards every month of the year? Do you know how much they pay in interest when it is all added together? “Most people” and “a total of millions of pounds” are the answers.
You see, we didn’t need customers who paid off their balances every month….