Sunday, 28 December 2014

Iron Dogs - Chapter 2

Iron Dogs | Fiction: Thriller / Suspense
by Cliff Robertson

As the small and bloody pieces of Dan Burford, (code named Jeremiah by the British secret service,) had been flying through the pure Scottish air mixed with fragments of his swordstick and Dave,  his one time friend Sam Butler was returning from a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. Sam had with him several companions, all of them local businessmen and highly respected in their own communities. None of them were aware of his dubious past.  Sam had no need to consort with the unsavoury types he had kept company with for most of his adult life. Only the best of company would do for Sam now.
It had been a wonderful day and Sam was glowing with satisfaction as he turned to his friends, who were taking photographs of the day’s catch, and raised his glass before drinking the contents and then throwing the empty glass over the side. It was just the kind of flamboyant gesture that his friends expected of him and they loved him for it.
They had gone out to catch Cobia (Rachycentron canadum), a migratory fish also known as Black Kingfish, Black Salmon, Crab eaters, Lemon fish, etc., and they had been successful. Cobia is a very powerful fish and highly prized among sport fishermen. They are also prized as table fare and restaurants pay high prices for them. Sam and his friends had caught three adults and two juveniles.  The adults were magnificent specimens, each one two metres long.  The juveniles were smaller and conspicuous as juveniles by their black and white rings.
Sam, while steering his boat, was also watching his friends discreetly.  The Cobia was safely on board but still very dangerous.