Sunday, 14 December 2014

Game on...

Once Upon a Game...  my precarious career as a games inventor!
by Michael Kindred

A welcome interruption
"Phone for you, Michael." The receptionist's voice echoed up the stairs at the offices where I worked as a finance assistant in the early 70s.
"Who is it?"
"I think he said Invicta."
My heart leapt. About a month previously I had visited the firm's offices and demonstrated four games ideas to the Product Director. If he were simply rejecting the ideas, surely a letter with a parcel returning the prototypes would have been sufficient. Perhaps he was interested in at least one of them. So was this the breakthrough I'd been hoping for?
After exchanging the usual pleasantries, he said "We like your games." Had I heard correctly – a plural – games? I was right. He confirmed that they were interested in marketing three of them.
This was the sort of news I had hoped to hear during the seventeen or so years I had been thinking up ideas for games as a hobby and submitting them to manufacturers, steadily creating a rather depressing pile of rejection letters. There would be a long way to go yet with Invicta – more of that anon.

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