Thursday, 24 July 2014

To Boldly Go - Day 1

To Boldly Go | Biography
by Ron Palmer
Freedom alone substitutes from time to time for the love of material comfort.
At 0900 I slipped the moorings at Thieves Bay, Pender Island and headed directly into a south-westerly wind of 21 knots. The wind blowing hard against the ebb tide created a short standing sea and the forward movement of the boat soon brought spray over the bow. The fact that the sky was overcast and a continuous drizzle had set in didn’t make for an auspicious start to this grand adventure. By noon though the wind had died a little and the sun came out, so my spirits lifted a little. Not the spirits consumed the previous evening, fortunately. The effect of those was still lurking in the darkest corners of my brain.
It was my intention to head off down the Haro Strait and make for Sooke, the planned first port of call. This would have been an ideal stopover prior to the run to Bamfield on the second day. As it turned out, due to not paying sufficient attention when passing Moresby Island I found that I had inadvertently made for the San Juan Islands a definite left hand down a bit situation, as it turned out this faux pas worked to my advantage.
The interesting thing about passing through these islands was…

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