Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Read more than an excerpt - Free Kindle eBook June 12, 13 & 16, 2013

Title: The Blake Curse
Genre: Fiction: Crime Detective Thriller / suspense
Kindle eISBN: 9781782280194

The e-book edition of 'The Blake Curse' by I. C. Camilleri is free on Amazon from 12, 13 & 16 June, 2013.
If you haven't picked up any of I. C. Camilleri's publications yet, this is a great opportunity to try one of them for free.

"A sweeping story of heartrending choices, fast paced suspense and much more…"

The Plot:
Ben Blake - the British Intelligence agent brimming with gifts; intellectual genius, striking appearance, and a heightened sixth sense. He is embarking on his first undercover assignment.
Samantha Black - elusive, exquisitely petite and beautiful. Her cryptic past and deep secrets become firmly intertwined with Ben’s investigations, shredding his carefully thought out plan to bits.
Jake Snell -the young rugged Earl of Yorkley, the enigma, the rogue full of vices...but possessing abundant resourcefulness, creativity and determination. He is Ben’s only lifeline in this treacherous game.

Download Kindle - The Blake Curse

The Blake Curse has been nominated for:
The People's Book Prize Competition Summer 2013!
Please take a moment to vote by clicking this link

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